Behavioural Incentive: Vax discounts galore market places

New Delhi :From airlines to e-grocers as well as quick service restaurants, diverse sectors of India Inc. have adopted the concept of dolling out discounts to vaccinated customers.

Partly considered as a means to encourage customers for getting vaccinated, the practice also stimulates demand.

On the other hand, it provides an impetus to vaccinated customers in choosing such brands, said industry insiders.

Besides, having more vaccinated customers provides a safe working environment for employees as well.

Lately, several companies have worked over time in ensuring employees get vaccinated and created operational bio-safe zones for their customers.

Furthermore, industry watchers said that such practice should not be confused with ‘flash sales’, as vaccine unavailability and hesitancy are still widely prevalent in the country.

“We have completed the first dose of vaccination for all employees across 69 stations and have also initiated administering the second dose,” said IndiGo’s Chief Commercial Officer William Boulter.

“Currently, we are offering a discount of up to 10 per cent on the base fares to customers who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.”

It is no surprise that contact-intensive industry leads in providing such discounts.

Recently, McDonald’s India — North and East launched an offer providing 20 per cent discount on orders up to to Rs 250 with minimum purchase of Rs 500.

Similarly, as an additional incentive Grofers is providing vaccinated customers with one month of free subscription to its premium loyalty program.

In addition, Dish TV and others are running such offers.

“In our opinion, the concept of preferential treatment, including pricing discounts to vaccinated customers will gain ground over the next few months till a substantial proportion of the population gets the vaccine.”

“For all consumer facing companies, this is not a mere marketing gimmick but also responsible corporate behaviour. It ensures a safer operating environment for one’s employees and customers and also incentivises the unvaccinated to go for the jab. For many companies, it is a strategy to position and differentiate its brands on the platforms of health, safety and corporate social responsibility.”