Google Calendar invites will let you specify physical, virtual attendance

San Francisco, July 11 (IANS) Google Calendar meeting invites will soon let you specify if you are attending the event physically or virtually.

The “Yes” button at the bottom of an invite — on the web — will feature a new dropdown with accompanying icons for each option — Yes; Yes, in a meeting room; Yes, joining virtually.

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Then, both the organiser and guests will be able to see how attendees are planning to attend the meeting in the event detail, 9 To 5 Google reported.

This will help meeting attendees know what to expect when joining a meeting and prepare accordingly, it added.

This dropdown is launching first in Google Calendar and later coming to Gmail invites.

These attendance details will not be visible to users of Microsoft Outlook or other platforms, the report said.

The capability will start rolling out soon and will be fully available in the coming weeks for all Workspace customers.

Google first previewed this feature last month alongside the news that Workspace is now available acefor everyone” and getting a paid “Individual” tier.