Kashmir conflict has become a family-run business: Report

New Delhi:- The Kashmir conflict has become a ‘family business run by a set of families, and like a family business, it is passed on from one generation to the next, DisinfoLab reported.

The way the conflict is designed, it has generated growing number of stakeholders from set of families to the ‘Gora’ politicians to the Pakistani establishment in a manner that it would be useful for them to keep the conflict in the perpetual flux, it said.

The Kashmir conflict has also created an eco-system from which a set of families derive their livelihood and relevance. The Fais, the Thakurs, the Kanjwals, the Ashais, the Fazilis, the Safis, and the Dars, among others, have not only been living their dream lives, they have also come to acquire an aura of ‘experts’ and ‘human rights’ activists, an aura that is very useful, particularly in these woke time, DisinfoLab reported.

In a report on ‘The Kashmir Conflict Industry Network’, DisinfoLab said that the only things that are missing in this Pakistani orchestrated theatre is Kashmiris themselves. Their role has been reduced to mere objects, in whose name the mercenaries would live a life full of ‘activism fun’.

It added that the Kashmir narrative is a globally sponsored narrative, where every so-called human-rights ‘concern’ on Kashmir is at the end connected with a nexus, put in place by the Pakistani establishment.

Kashmir has become everyone’s concern except of Kashmiris. There are virtually no Kashmiris with any worthwhile connection with Kashmir involved in the discussion of Kashmir. If there were, they have been side-lined, DisinfoLab said.

The centre of gravity for the Kashmir narrative has gradually shifted from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) to Thrace and Asia Minor (Turkey)

This change in 2016 had salient ramifications for the conflict narrative in South Asia. However, the story traces its origin back to the key players when the seeds of conflict were sown in Kashmir by Jamaat-e-Islami players; and it has continued to be played by the same set of people through their next generation.

“Hence, it would be criminally naïve for not only Indians but particularly for Kashmiris to assume that Pakistan and the net cast by its establishment would have any interest in resolving Kashmir issue. For the Pak establishment, Kashmir conflict has become a Goose that lays golden eggs, and unlike the stupid old lady, it has no intention of killing the goose,” it said.