Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle blocked: Congress

New Delhi:- The Twitter account of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi was blocked on Saturday, the party said.

“Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account has been temporarily suspended and due process is being followed for its restoration,” the Congress tweeted from its official Twitter handle.

The party said that until then, Rahul Gandhi will stay connected with all through his other social media platforms and will continue to raise his voice for the people and fight for their cause.

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In another tweet, the Congress said, “The account has been temporarily locked.”

However, the micro-blogging platform said: “We can confirm that the account has not been suspended and continues to be on service. When any account is suspended, Twitter removes it from global view.”

Rahul Gandhi had joined Twitter in April 2015 and has 19.5 million followers on the social media platform.

He keeps raising several issues through his Twitter handle, mostly critical of the Central government.