Nitish takes stock of flood situation in Patna

 The flood situation in Patna on Wednesday reached an alarming position with overflowing water from the Ganga entering some areas.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inspected the situation at Digha Ghat in the city. The water level reached above the embankment at several places and flooded some localities.

Nitish inspected the Ganga Ghats

The water was overflowing at Digha Ghat, LCT Ghat, Bas Ghat, Anta Ghat, Krishna Ghat, Gulbi Ghat, Rani Ghat, Bhadra Ghat, Kanchan Ghat and others, with the water level increasing 17 cm in the last 24 hours in Patna, to reach 117 cm above danger level.

Water Resources Development Department has registered 51.02 meter water level at Digha Ghat, 49.76 at Gandhi Ghat and 42.85 in Hathidah located in Bhagalpur district.

“We have shut the gate of every drain heading towards the river. Besides, we have also shut the electric cremation facility at Gulbi Ghat due to water entering the premises and it may create malfunction in electric equipment,” said a disaster management official.