In the era of social media, voices are suppressed: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi :-
 Rahul Gandhi on Friday released a video about how his late father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi used to meet people, but now in the era of social media, the people’s voices was suppressed, he alleged.

He said, “So the tragedy of politics of today is that, in a world of media, in a world of WhatsApp, in a world of Twitter, in Facebook, that voice is basically suppressed.”

In the second video released within two days, he showed the picture of Rajiv Gandhi, where he can be seen talking to people, “This picture here. He’s listening. Right, so it was constantly listening and he would make these connections — he would be in this crowd, listen and then suddenly, he would say okay this can be transformed with this instrument,” he said.

Rahul said it was a journey where he would go and listen and then go and look around to find instruments that could transform the voice of this nation that he was hearing.

“There is this tremendous voice here, but it is struggling to speak. Of course, that’s been magnified today, it’s not being allowed to speak, and it is being crushed with monopoly, you know media… it’s been crushed with an authoritarian system,” he alleged.

Rahul said, “This voice is… call it God. There’s nothing more than this voice. It’s not a singular voice. It’s millions and millions of voices that speak together… have huge power when they speak and tremendous amount of nuance.”

He said that his father Rajiv Gandhi during the tours was not only connecting with the people, he was actually trying to understand their needs and it was about listening to what they were trying to tell him and I remember a lot of it was just going there and listening.”