Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo is new Vice Chancellor of SNDT Women’s University

Mumbai :-The Governor of Maharashtra and Chancellor of Universities in the State Bhagat Singh Koshyari has appointed Dr. Ujwala Shirish Chakradeo as the new Vice Chancellor of the SNDT Women’s University.

Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo, who is serving as the Principal of the Smt. Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture, Nagpur has been appointed as the Vice Chancellor for a term of 5 years from the date she assumes the office of the vice chancellor.

Dr Ujwala Chakradeo succeeds Dr Shashikala Wanjari whose term as VC ended on 2nd July. Prof Suhas Pednekar, Vice Chancellor of University of Mumbai was holding additional charge of the post of Vice Chancellor of SNDT WOmen’s University.

Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo (b. 27.08.1962) obtained her B. Arch. from the VRCE, Nagpur. She obtained her M. Tech in Urban Planning and Ph. D. in Architecture Education from VNIT, Nagpur.

Dr. Chakradeo started as a lecturer at the LAD College Nagpur in the year 1985. She obtained her M Tech in Urban Planning and Ph.D. in Architecture Education.

Dr Ujwala Chakradeo started her career as Lecturer in LAD College. She served as Professor and Principal of the  Smt. Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture.