Chief Justice calls on youth to follow Swami Vivekananda’s ideals

Hyderabad:- Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana called for instilling the ideals of Swami Vivekananda in the country’s youth. Participating in the 22nd Foundation Day Celebration of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, on Sunday, the Chief Justice said Swami Vivekananda advocated the concept of secularism in India.

“He firmly believed that the true essence of religion was the common good, and tolerance. Religion should be above superstitions and rigidities. To fulfill the dream of making India resurgent through the principles of common good and tolerance, we should instill the ideals of Swami Ji in today’s youth,” the Chief Justice stated in his virtual address from Delhi.

The Chief Justice recalled the sacrifices of the youth during the freedom movement. He opined that youth have the ability to oppose injustice.

“The democratic rights that we take today for granted are a result of the struggles of thousands of young people who took to the streets fighting authoritarian figures either during the Freedom Struggle or the dark days of Emergency. Many lost their lives, sacrificed lucrative careers, all for the greater good of the nation and society. Trust the youth to check the deviations in a society’s journey towards peace and progress.”

Noting that independence and economic success are independent, the Chief Justice said the youth must not forget their duty to family, community, and the nation.