PMK calls for caste-wise census

Chennai:-The PMK founder leader Dr S. Ramadoss has called for a caste-wise population census to ascertain the exact position of each caste and community in the state.

In a statement on Sunday, the powerful Vanniyar community leader said that the reasons put forward to collect the SC/ST population data since 1951 were applicable for collecting the data of the OBC population as well.

He said that caste-wise census in India cannot be ignored and said that if this is not conducted then there is a possibility of removal of OBC reservation in India.

The senior leader said that castes were not created all of a sudden but were created on the basis of jobs and subsequently were discriminated against.

He said that caste-based inequalities have to be abolished to create an equal society and added that it would be a mirage if proper assessment of castes is not taken up scientifically.

The PMK founder leader said that the Centre must realise that for all communities to rise, reservation is important and for that, a proper caste-wise census is required.

Dr. Ramadoss said that the Centre’s statement that caste census was not required as it was striving for a “Casteless” society was pure ignorance.

It is to be noted that the PMK has been sulking and has walked out of the AIADMK-BJP alliance in Tamil Nadu to contest the rural local body elections on its own. The BJP leadership sidelining Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss, son of Dr. Ramadoss from the recent Modi government expansion is stated to be one reason for the PMK’s sudden anti-Central government stand.