Zero tolerance against corruption: PM to joint meet of CBI-CVC

New Delhi:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged the officials of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to rededicate themselves to abolish corruption from all walks of life. He ask the officials to strengthen new India’s policy of zero tolerance against corruption.

Addressing a joint meeting of the CBI and CVC taking place at Gujarat’s Kevadia through a video message, Modi said corruption takes away the rights of people and hinders the pursuit of justice for all, the country’s progress and affects the collective power of the country.

“In the last six-seven years, the government has succeeded in instilling the confidence that it is possible to curb corruption. Today there is political will to attack corruption and continuous improvement is being carried out at the administrative level,” he added.

“New India is no longer ready to accept that corruption is part of the system. It wants its system transparent, efficient process and smooth governance,” Modi said.

His government does not mistrust the citizens and that is why many layers of verification of documents have been removed and many facilities like birth certificate and life certificate for pension are being delivered through technology without middlemen, the Prime Minister added.

Modi said this approach of trust and technology has strengthened efficient governance and ease of doing business, adding that many outdated rules regarding permissions and compliances for the businesses have been removed and at the same time many strict laws in accordance with present day challenges have been brought.

Speaking about preventive vigilance, he said it can be achieved with alertness and can be strengthened through technology and experience.

“Along with technology and alertness — simplicity, clarity and transparency in the processes will go a long way for preventive vigilance which will simplify our work and save the resources of the country,” Modi added.

The Prime Minister exhorted the CBI and CVC officers not to desist from taking action against corrupt people and ensure that there is no safe haven for anyone who deceives the country and countrymen.

Modi urged the CVC, CBI and other anti-corruption institutions to remove such processes that come in the way of new India.

“You need to strengthen new India’s policy of zero tolerance against corruption. You need to implement laws in a way that the poor come closer to the system and the corrupt move out of it,” the Prime Minister said.