Social media misused by political proxies to hack democracy: Sonia in LS

New Delhi:- Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday raised the issue of misuse of social media platforms by political proxies in the Lok Sabha.

Taking up the issue during Zero Hour, she urged the government to put an end to systematic influence and interference of Facebook and other social media giants in electoral politics of the world’s largest democracy.

“Global companies like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly being used to shape political narratives by leaders, parties and their proxies.”

“This is beyond parties and politics. We need to protect our democracy and social harmony regardless of who’s in power,” she said.

She alleged that young and old minds are being filled with hate through emotionally charged disinformation, and proxy advertising companies like Facebook are aware of it and are profiting from it.

Reports in various media outlets show a growing nexus between big corporates, social media giants and ruling establishment, the Congress leader stated.