Kashmir a ‘separate country’ in Class 7 exam in Bihar govt school, BJP slams Nitish govt

Patna:- A question paper in a Bihar government school termed Kashmir as a “separate country” triggering a political war in the state.

The question was asked to the students of Class 7 last week in the minority dominant Araria, Purnea and Kishanganj districts, and came to the fore after the BJP took it up.

The Number 1 question of the English paper had five fill-in-the-blank sub-questions.

The question asked was, “What are the people of the following countries called? One is done for you.” The question had five options on China, Nepal, England, ‘Kashmir’ and India.

Reacting to this, the BJP attacked the Nitish Kumar government. Sanjay Jaiswal slammed JD(U)-RJD combine and said that they are the supporters of Popular Front of India (PFI).

“I have posted my comment on Facebook on Tuesday and removed it later on to respect the law of India government,” he said.

The officials of Bihar believe that Kashmir is a separate country just like China, Nepal, England and India,” Jaiswal said.

“Thinking and ideology of Nitish Kumar has become similar to that of Sharjeel Imam. He is desperate to become prime minister of the country and is misleading the children of Class 7 with anti-national questions. The Bihar government will soon ask questions on the PFI agenda of 2047 and its officers will ask the people to avoid highlighting the issue,” Jaiswal said.

“This question was asked in Purnea, Araria and Kishanganj districts. I am leaving this question to the people of Bihar to decide where this government is heading,” he said.