CM KCR sounds poll bugle in Maharashtra, tells ryots to rise and roar like lions

CM KCR calls for new India, says successive govts at Centre failed nation

Aurangabad :-Sounding the poll bugle for the Bharat Rashtra Samithi in Maharashtra, Party President and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Monday exhorted farmers to ‘rise and roar like the lions they were’, to be part of the electoral process and to ensure victory of the BRS in the forthcoming Zilla Parishad elections.

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Promising drinking water supply through taps in every household in Maharashtra within five years of the BRS coming to power, he said quality power supply would also be ensured for all sectors, including agriculture.

Pointing out that Telangana had made these essential requirements a reality for all sections of its citizens in a short span of time, Chandrashekhar Rao asked why Maharashtra could not achieve similar success.

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Addressing the third public meeting of the BRS in Maharashtra at the Jabinda Grounds in Aurangabad, the Chief Minister said there was no dearth of funds in Maharashtra. What was in short supply was will power, which the BRS had abundance, he said.

Stressing on the need to use the vote effectively, the Chief Minister said the farmers had so far been going to the field and farming. Why don’t they go to the Assembly now, he asked, raising his slogan of ‘Ab ki Baar Kisan Sarkar’.

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“Hoist BRS flags in the Zilla Parishad and Panchayat elections, and then see how leaders from Mumbai and New Delhi will come running to you,” he said.

Reminding the people that just one BRS meeting in Nanded had forced the Maharashtra government to adopt Telangana’s Rythu Bandhu scheme and extend an input subsidy of Rs.6000 per acre for farmers, the Chief Minister appealed to Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to replicate the Telangana model in the State and hike the assistance to Rs.10,000 per acre.

“If Devendra Fadnavisji assures me that he will implement the Telangana model here, I promise to leave Maharashtra and I will head to Madhya Pradesh,” Chandrashekhar Rao said, also calling for implementation of Telangana’s Dalit Bandhu scheme for the dalits in Maharashtra.

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Stating that the situation in Telangana before formation of the State was even worse than Maharashtra, the Chief Minister said everything had changed now, with farmer suicides now being history with farming becoming a profitable endeavour.

Also coming down hard on Prime Minister for his lack of will power to ensure even basic needs like drinking water and power for farmers, Chandrashekhar Rao said the Prime Minister and his colleagues were least bothered about farmer suicides. They were instead busy in bringing in cheetahs from Africa.

“When we tell them that our farmers, who are the real lions of this country, are dying, they show us cheetahs from Africa and say, see this and be happy,” he said.

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Calling for out of the box thinking, to fight to bring about change, Chandrashekhar Rao said BRS was formed for this battle.

“The BRS is not for one election. Not for one one day or one community or religion or caste. BRS is here to fight for all the people of India,” he said, adding that BRS already had a permanent office in Nagpur and was setting up a permanent office in Aurangabad too.

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The rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. This was the bitter truth in India, he said, calling for change. No one from the US or Russia would come to help and we had to bring about the change ourselves, he added.

Bharat Rashtra Samiti Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhara Rao questioned what is the sin of not drinking and cultivating water even though there are rivers of life in the country. KCR participated in the BRS outdoor meeting held at Aurangabad Jabinda ground.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Basaveshwara, Dr. BR Ambedkar and many other Maratha warriors paid tributes. And then many more joined the party.. Invited into BRS by covering her with pink scarves. Former MLA Abhay Patil and his followers have joined the party. Later addressed the huge crowd who attended the KCR meeting. Salute to the holy land of Maharashtra.

Ramzan greetings to Muslim minorities. Maratha land has given birth to many great people. The brs has a goal. Listen to my words here and don’t forget here. Go to villages and discuss on my words. Discuss with your family, friends, people on the street. Must watch what is happening in the country. Is the country in a position to be in? Whether or not should be debated. Where is the journey without a destination? The country needs to move forward with new goals and new determination. It has been 75 years since independence. And still the problems are there. Will there be water in Sambhajinagar once a week? “The question was asked.Leaders who speak big words, can’t they give drinking water?’Even now people are not getting access to drinking water. Whose sin is it for not providing cultivation and drinking water?. Why Maharashtra has water problem even though there are rivers like Godavari and Krishna. Even though there are so many rivers of life in the country, is there no drinking water? Can’t the rulers who talk big words at least give drinking water? Should we continue such governments? Should I get sent home? Mumbai is the economic capital of the country. But no water to drink? Who is responsible for the sin of not getting water to drink. Is the country making progress? Think about it if it is going to retreat. Drinking water problem serious in Aurangabad, Akola.

No one is understanding what is happening in the country. The rich get richer and richer. The poor just keep getting poorer. Its all happening right before our eyes. Is this how it should be? Need a treatment to be done? The sooner we wake up, the sooner we recover. What to do if problems are not solved? How long should we wait for a resolution? Should we keep quiet even though they are creating a situation for suicides? We have made Telangana without any good problem. All sections should get proper justice. Scared will make you scarier. Problems will be solved only if you fight with courage. If there is no change, the country will not move forward. BRS was born to bring about an inevitable change. BRS fight will not stop until change comes. Someone will not come from foreign countries to fix us. They said that the future of the country depends on you.

If you come to power, within five years, every house will have drinking water..’Why are farmers committing suicide. No drinking water in independent India. The youth have no jobs. More than twice the water needed for the population. The country has abundant water resources. Need to provide to cultivation lands. But the Prime Minister and the CMs of the states do not have the capability to do that. Victory is inevitable for the fight we fight honestly. If BRS comes to power in Maharashtra, we will give water to every house. In Maharashtra, we will give water to every house in five years. Fight will not stop even if you create many obstacles. We will make arrangements to get everything to the farmers on time. Keep faith in the BRS. They said that BRS was not formed for a single caste, religion, group.BRS leader KCR alleged that the center is privatizing the government sector organizations. They said that they will do government work after BRS government comes into power.

‘Currently, we are supplying electricity for 24 hours in Telangana. When 24 hours is possible in Telangana, why not in Maharashtra. Free electricity scheme can also be implemented here. New goals and determination in the country. The country has 24 hours electricity supply resources. Free electricity can be given to agriculture throughout the country. If this is a lie, I won’t be in the post of CM for a minute. Privatization of government sector companies. When we come back we will make them government They said that we will solve the problems in the country by ourselves.Don’t you care about Dalits on Maratha land..?

Former Chief Minister Fadnavis says, “What is the work of Maharashtra to KCR.” Why should I come if models like Telangana are brought in Maharashtra. Dalit Bandhu and Rythu Bandhu should be implemented in Maharashtra. Give 24 hours current. Provide Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Insurance. If all these are implemented, I will not come to Maharashtra. Don’t you care about the low caste people on the land where Ambedkar was born..? Why Dalit Bandhu like scheme is not implemented in Maharashtra. Even though there are officers who have the ability to govern.. Why Telangana type schemes are not implemented here. The parliament which is going to build a new Nanga should be named as Ambedkar. This is called Make in India. But in the city, there will be a China bazaar for every street.

Digital India is a joke, Make India has become a joke. Maharashtra ministers will be cabinet ministers. But why not have the chief secretary. Is there no chief secretary in Maharashtra who claims to be a big state? ‘The flag is raised like that. BRS has to show its strength in Maharashtra local elections. Called to hoist the pink flag in the upcoming ZP elections in Maharashtra. Suicides are not the solution to problems. Our vote is the solution to the problem. Bring BRS government, I will solve your problems. BRS aim is to bring farmers kingdom. Your weapon should become your vote. KCR called that your aim should be Kisan Sarkar.