India tests a new record of 6,64,949 tests in last 24 hours

More than 6 lakh tests done for 3rd successive day

New Delhi:

Keeping the focus on “Test, Track and Treat” strategy, India has continued testing more than 6 lakh COVID-19 samples for the third consecutive day in a row. India’s resolve to rapidly increase the number of tests done per day has resulted in a successful march towards 10 lakh/day testing capacity with 6,64,949 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.

The cumulative testing as on date has reached 2,21,49,351. The Tests Per Million too have seen a sharp rise to 16050. It is only by aggressive testing that positive cases can be identified, their contacts tracked and isolated as well as prompt treatment can be ensured.

A key component for the successful implementation of the “Test, Track and Treat” strategy has been the continuously expanding network of diagnostic labs across the country. The lab network as on today consists of 1370 labs; 921 labs in the government sector and 449 private labs. These include:

• Real-Time RT PCR based testing labs: 698 (Govt: 422 + Private: 276)

• TrueNat based testing labs: 563 (Govt: 467 + Private: 96)

• CBNAAT based testing labs: 109 (Govt: 32 + Private: 77)

The total recoveries of COVID-19 patients have jumped to 13,28,336 with 46,121 COVID-19 patients being discharged in the last 24 hours. With such consistent increase in recoveries, the gap between recovered patients and active COVID-19 cases has reached 7,32,835.

The recovery rate has continued its upward journey to reach another record high of 67.62% amongst COVID-19 patients.

The actual case load of the country is the active cases (5,95,501) which is 30.31% of the total positive cases. They are under medical supervision either in hospitals or in home isolation.

The active cases as a percentage of total cases have seen a significant drop from 34.17% on 24th July 2020 to 30.31% as on today.

Under the ‘Whole of Government’ approach, the public and private sector resources are combined towards the COVID-19 response and management under the Centre-led strategy. Focused implementation of “Test Track Treat” strategy by the Union and State/UT governments, ramped up hospital infrastructure and testing facilities, and emphasis on treatment of the hospitalized patients through the Standard of Care protocol advised by the Centre have effectively ensured that mortality of COVID-19 patients is contained. As a result, the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) has been low when compared to the global scenario and it has been progressively falling. The Case Fatality Rate stands at 2.07% today.