Sharad Pawar warns Ajit Pawar-led rebels of ‘political annihilation’ by BJP

Mumbai:-The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) founder-President Sharad Pawar has warned that the rebels led by his nephew Ajit Pawar of ‘political annihilation’ at the hands of BJP, here on Wednesday.

Addressing the first meeting after the vertical split in the NCP in its silver jubilee year, Pawar (83) said that all the parties which allied with the BJP have ultimately been destroyed politically and the Ajit Pawar-led rebels would meet the same nemesis.

He pointed out how the BJP always weakens and subverts its political allies, saying that there are many such examples in several states, like the Akali Dal in Punjab, the Janata Dal (U) in Bihar, as well as in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Referring to the Ajit Pawar group’s charge on how the Shiv Sena’s Hindutva is acceptable but not the BJP’s, Sharad Pawar said that the BJP’s brand of Hindutva is “divisive”, “poisonous” unlike the Shiv Sena, which takes everyone together and does not target communities.

Attacking the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pwar Sr said that a few days ago in Bhopal, the PM had accused the NCP of a Rs 70,000 crore scam, and once in Baramati, Modi had said that he entered politics holding his (Sharad Pawar’s) finger, but in the very next elections, corruption allegations were hurled at NCP.

“If this is so, how were the NCP ministers sworn-in in the BJP government last Sunday,” Pawar asked.

He claimed that “some people are getting restless as the country’s Opposition parties are getting united” and Modi is upset by this.

He also pointed out that there are many crises confronting the people, but the country is in the hands of those who are not concerned about the nation or its people.

Pawar rued the lack of debate and dialogue among the rulers and the opposition, underlining the need to understand the reaction of the masses whenever any decisions are taken in a democracy.

He again warned his nephew against using his photos for any purposes, saying that the NCP name and ‘Clock’ symbol will not be allowed to be taken away by Ajit Pawar’s faction at any cost.

“If they use my pictures, it means their coin does not work,” Pawar said in a swipe at his nephew.

He dwelt briefly on the founding, progress and heights achieved by the NCP and said that the manner in which parties are being ‘grabbed or broken’ does not bode well for a democracy.

Pawar also slammed Chhagan Bhujbal, ranked among his closest aides, for deserting the NCP, and even misleading to join the Ajit Pawar faction, citing the example of the July 2 swearing-in ceremony.

However, he urged the party workers and leaders to let go all who have left the party and vowed to rebuild it by embarking on a statewide tour soon.